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I spend a lot of my spare time on my hair. Either by practicing new up dos, making pictures and videos for my social media account or just by reading and commenting in my long-hair interned board. So I do consider my hair to be my hobby.

The problem is that this is something most people don’t understand or even consider it strange. If I get asked about my hobbies I struggle to answer that question honestly by stating my hair as my biggest hobby. Most likely this would lead to a lot of questions, confusion and odd situations. Aside from my close friends and family no one knows about my high interest in hair – and not only my own, but also the hair of everyone else. When I meet new people I automatically take a closer look at their hair: the color, the texture, the way they style it…

Is that strange? Yes, it probably is. So I keep this to myself when asked about my hobby and rather give a different answer 😉

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Hi, my name is Nepheverin and I'm glad you're here! I'm "all about tha hair" - well maybe not 100%, but it does play a huge role in my life. Other than that, I love nature, movies and good food. Find out more!

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    JU VIBES says

    Not strange at all! I do the same!

    JU VIBES | @itsjuvibes ❤

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    Erwin Van Damme says

    There is nothing strange about , i honestly also see people there hair first lol 😁 In my childhood i wanted be lady’s hairdresser but in those times ( thé 70s ) there where only woman hairdressers for lady’s and i was not interested in men lol 😁
    So i studied for a printer and work for a newspaper in. Belgium

    But hair and hairstyles will always be a hobby … those who find it strange know nothing about thé beauty that hair can be 😊💖

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    Nepheverin says

    Hahaha it is so great to find like-minded people here 😀 😀

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      Erwin Van Damme says

      Yes that’s true …and i am happy there are people like you dear lady 😊😊💖

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