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This week I saw a post on social media that caught my attention. It was about a woman who had done a small experiment. Being a little overweight, she posted pictures of her that she knew would cause negative reactions. The pictures were in no way offensive or inappropriate. They just showed her in her natural state, taken from everyday life. As she had already expected, it did not take long for some hateful comments to appear below her posts.

Instead of defending herself she did something quite unusual.

She went on the profiles of the persons offending her and started complimenting them. She would say nice things about their eyes, their clothes or whatever she found to be beautiful about their pictures.

Whilst some of the offenders did not react to her comments at all, quite a few showed a positive response. Some of them even apologized and started to make compliments towards her as well.

This got me thinking about how we treat each other and why there is so much disrespect not only on the internet, but also in reality.

I think it takes a lot to approach a person who insulted you and say something nice about them.

But why be rude in the first place? In such situations I like to quote Thumper from the Disney classic Bambi:

“If you don’t have somethin’ nice to say, don’t say nuthin’ at all.”

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