Summer blues

shade bench long hair

If I were a plant I would definitely be a member of the nightshade family. I struggle a lot with summer and heat and am already looking forward to winter time!

Boat ride

  • boat lake
  • boat lake
  • boat lake

Luckily I live nearby a big lake and I and my partner enjoy going for a boat ride on hot and sunny summer days. Usually we rent a motorboat and spent some hours on the lake.

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Paper made out of grass

grass paper nature

I have the feeling that protecting nature and our environment becomes important to more and more people. Almost daily a new start-up focuses on making things better.

The newest trend I got a hold of is paper made out of grass.

Relaxing at the lake

Hey guys, just a quick shout out from the lake… The water was too cold for a swim, but it felt good to refresh my feet in the water 😀

The water is so clear that the sunlight reaches to the ground. In fact, the lake is so clean, that there are almost no more big fishes in it. The amount of plankton is not sufficient to feed them.