Cutting my bangs

  • bangs hair long
  • bangs hair long
  • hair bangs long
  • hair bangs long

I did it – I finally had the courage to cut myself bangs again πŸ™‚

In my childhood I had bangs most of the time. I let them grow out when I became a teenager and since then it was an on-and-off-situation. The last time I cut myself bangs was in early 2015.

I still need to get used to them again, but I do like them πŸ˜€

And by the way, a small update on my last post about trying contact lenses: my optician gave me new types ofΒ  lenses that I am wearing today. Until now they feel very comfortable – I hope this time it will stay this way!

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Hi, my name is Nepheverin and I'm glad you're here! I'm "all about tha hair" - well maybe not 100%, but it does play a huge role in my life. Other than that, I love nature, movies and good food. Find out more!

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  1. REPLY

    Erwin Van Damme says

    I am normaly no fan of bangs , but you look amazing beautiful with it
    And you have such a warm smille

  2. REPLY

    george says

    Your bangs are the crowning glory of your beauty – simply amazing. Pls. keep them short, heavy and blunt cut πŸ˜‰

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