Death Valley National Park

  • Sand dune in Death Valley
  • Mine Entrance in Rhyolite
  • Abandoned Home in Rhyolite
  • Me and a rusty car in Rhyolite
  • Ghost Town Rhyolite
  • Night Sky Death Valley
  • Rusty Car in Rhyolite

I was just going through some old pictures from a USA trip me and my partner went on in 2015. At first we stayed in Hawaii for about 5 days and then started a road trip through LA, San Francisco, Death Valley and Yosemite Park.

By far the most breathtaking was our stay in the Death Valley National Park. It was so wide, open and empty and it made us feel all alone in the world. I will never forget our visit to Rhyolite, a gost town in Nevada.

This post shows some of the pictures we took during our stay. If you ever have the chance to visit Death Valley once, I highly recommend you to do it 🙂

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