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Today I’d like to update you on my method of cutting my split ends. As I told you in my post “Fighting split ends” I thought about buying one of those electric split ends cuter that I have heard of.

During my meeting with other members of the German hair network, one of the members brought her device to the meeting and we all had the chance to take a closer look. Basically it is just an electric razor with an attachment for cutting split ends.

It is important to separate very small strands of hair, otherwise it will not work properly. So it is still time consuming, but it does not take nearly as long as cutting the split ends with a scissor.

However, it is important to emphasize that the device does not distinguish between split ends and healthy hair. It simply cuts off one to two centimeters of each hair.

After having the chance of testing the device I decided to by one myself. Since now I have used it a couple of times and I am quite satisfied 🙂

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    Erwin Van Damme says

    Good it works for you young lady 😊😊💝

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