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Almost everyone who lets their hair grow discovers split ends sooner or later. Even when protecting the hair as good as possible – for example by wearing protective hairstyles or by wrapping it in silk at night – split ends cannot be 100% avoided.

Split ends are not limited to the bottom end of the hair. Every hair can be affected by split ends, including the “baby hairs” that are still shorter and have not reached the hairline yet.

So fighting split ends by simply cutting off a couple of cm from the bottom hairline will not help much since split ends are spread over the whole hair length. Proper split-trims therefore separate small strands of hair, inspect each one of them closely from top to bottom and cut off any split hair that is found.

This is very time consuming, especially since I have full hair. I did it once or twice in the past and it took a few hours. So to save myself a lot of time I cheat by braiding an English braid and cutting off all split ends that stick out from the braid. I do this about once a week and it isn’t nealy as effective as separating individual strands.

Some people use an electric split-cutting device. It looks like an electric razor and is supposed to save you a lot of time. I have been thinking about buying one for quite a while now. If I do, of course I will let you know and update you here on my blog.

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  1. REPLY

    Erwin Van Damme says

    I hear a lot of negative things about that splitender , but i am no expert so maybe it’s ok dear lady 😊

    • REPLY

      Nepheverin says

      That’s interesting! What did you hear about it?

      • REPLY

        Erwin Van Damme says

        That it destroy more hair then you want and you loose much length
        I personaly think a scissor is better dear lady ..but like i said before i be no expert maybe others have good experiences with it

  2. REPLY

    George says

    You look very pretty without bangs – but bangs add SO much value to your beauty. Amazing difference 😉

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