• seedlings seeds nature gardening
  • seedlings seeds nature gardening

I am so excited to see my seedlings grow! A couple of weeks ago we planted some seeds of radish, chili, salads and parsley into our flower beds. At first I was afraid it would not work out because it took forever for the seeding to break through the ground. But maybe that was just me being impatient again 😉

Eventually they started to grow and since then I have been checking on them once a day. They are exposed to sunlight for most of the day so I have to make sure to keep them moist. This is only the third year that I grew seeds so I am still a bit insecure about how to treat them best.

I enjoy growing my own seeds and I think it’s great to just go out in the garden and get some fresh herbs or vegetables. How about you, did anyone else grow seeds this year?

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    Markus says

    I plant no seeds anymore, because the little plants will be eaten by slugs immediately 😬
    So I focus on tomatoes, Zucchini etc. 🙂

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      Nepheverin says

      I love Zucchinis, but I don’t have enough room to plant them. To prevent slugs from getting into my raised beds I framed them with copper wire (you can see the wire in the pictures). But if your bed is on the ground the slugs would probably just dig themselves underneath the wire 😬

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