Greetings from the Oktoberfest!


Two days ago, me and my fiancé visited the Munich Oktoberfest! As you can see, we had lots of fun in one of the beer tents… Unfortunately, the quality of the picture looks like a beer tent photo, too 😀

After our time in the tent (and meeting some great guys from Norway!) we moved on to some of the roller coaster rides. If it wasn’t so expensive, we’d probably go and visit the Oktoberfest again this year.


Other than that, I’m still happy with my hair except for my semi-permanent color that does not seem to be semi-permanent at all… I didn’t plan on getting a color but the hair dresser convinced me to try it out. She promised me it would wash out completely within a few weeks.

It’s been around 8 weeks now and there is still quite an amount of color in my hair. You can see it growing out from the roots. That drives me crazy!
I know there are some methods to revoke color from the hair – like using tons of Vitamin C powder – but that also damages the hair. So, I could not overcome myself to do this yet.

Do you have any experience with removing hair color at home?
I do not want to go to the hairdresser again since I’m afraid she’ll just make it worse…


OK, somehow this entry turned out to sound quite depressed, but that is not the case 🙂 I am still very happy with my hair overall and I think I’ll let it grow to about midback to waist and see where it will take me from there.

Have a nice day everyone!

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    Erwin Van Damme says

    Greetings from Belgium 😊 to you and your fiance 😊❤️🤘 have a nice weekend dear lady

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    Anonymous says

    You both look very happy!! Enjoy!

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