I’m so afraid of fish!

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One thing about me that most people do not understand is my great fear of fish. I can barely overcome myself to go into a lake – not to mention the ocean.

I don’t even know where this is coming from. As far as I know even as a kid I never had a bad experience involving fish. But not knowing what’s going on underneath me or the chance of touching a fish that passes me by scares me a lot. So most of the time I stay at the beach and rather have a look at the water than actually take a swim 🙂

How about you, is there an irrational fear you can’t explain?

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    Wocki90 says

    Ich hab seit meiner Kindheit Angst vor Libellen und renne in Panik davon, wenn ich eine in meiner Nähe sehe :O keine Ahnung wieso! Dabei ist es jein Ekel, ich finde die eigentlich sogar sehr hübsch

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      Nepheverin says

      Hahaha, das finde ich cool 😀
      Dann gibt es also noch mehr Leute mit undefinierbaren Ängsten! 😀

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    Erwin Van Damme says

    I always be afraid of the dark when i was a child , i learned to overcome my fear …but still darkness scare me

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