Long distance relationships

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I have a friend who just started a long distance relationship. He met the girl online through a dating app. She lives about 600 km (approx. 370 miles) away from here and so far she visited him once for a period of about two weeks.

I admit I was quite surprised when he first told me about her. On the other hand he has already been in a long distance relationship before which lasted quite a few years. So I am sure he knows exactly what he is getting himself into.

Since he told me about her I spend quite some time thinking about whether or not I could be in such a relationship. I came to the conclusion that it very much depends on the circumstances. I don’t see myself starting off with a long distance relationship like my friend did.

But after being with someone for quite a while I think I could bridge the situation for a specific period of time. But there had to be a certain date from which we would be living together in one place again.

What are your thoughts on this?
Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?

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