Shopping with no happy end


It’s official. I am a victim of a missing parcel. Considering how often I order online I guess I’m quite lucky this did not happen to me earlier.

Online shopping without a happy end – the product never arrives. In my case, the parcel service declared the package as delivered on March 28th. And believe me, I searched everywhere, far and wide. It is lost, and I am starting to accept the fact that it will most likely stay lost forever.

“Shop local”, people often respond when I tell them about my missing parcel. And yes, they have a point. Supporting your local retailers is important. But sometimes I’m aiming for this special item, unique and just the way I want it. So much the worse if it gets lost.

Eventually I did get my happy end. I re-ordered the item and had it shipped with a different company. It arrived safe and sound.

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