Should I cut my hair?

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Every once in a while I am going through a phase where I think about cutting my hair to about waist length or even a little shorter.

The main reason is that the longer my hair gets the more difficult it is to wear it down. By now I have to start paying attention when sitting down so I do not sit on my hair. And I always take my wooden comb with me so I can brush through my hair every hour or two. If I don’t comb my hair regularly it will be very tangled at night and a lot of work.

On the other side I love my hair and I want it even longer! Especially when worn in a braid I think long hair looks beautiful.

I don’t think I will be cutting my hair in the near future. Like I told you in my post about my length goals I will at least try to reach classic length, and maybe go even further… 🙂

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Hi, my name is Nepheverin and I'm glad you're here! I'm "all about tha hair" - well maybe not 100%, but it does play a huge role in my life. Other than that, I love nature, movies and good food. Find out more!

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    Erwin Van Damme says

    First off all it’s your hair, nobody have to say what you should do with it
    I only say no because you have a goal , you can always cut it after
    But no mather what you do , i will always follow you

    • REPLY

      Nepheverin says

      Thank you Erwin! I will definitely reach my minimum goal of classic length first before I consider cutting my hair short again 🙂

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        Erwin Van Damme says

        Your welcome 😊 i hope you not go too short then 😊

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    Bugleboy 06905 says

    As the person who commented said, the only opinion that matters is yours. Whatever makes you happy. Your hair is beautiful but you need to be happy!

    • REPLY

      Nepheverin says

      Thank you!!
      The problem is, that it takes soooo long to grow such long and healthy hair. I am afraid that when I finally decide to cut it off, I’ll regret it and will have to wait years for it to grow back again 😉
      It is not an easy decision!

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    George Wheeler says

    Your hair is magnificent – truly your pride and glory. Hope you will let it grow and settle with regular trims. And pls. keep your bangs – short, thick and blunt cut. They are wonderful and a perfect frame for your face 😉

    • REPLY

      Nepheverin says

      Thank you! I like my bangs a lot and am not thinking about growing them out any time soon 🙂

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