Swimming isn’t that much fun anymore

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On this blog I have been talking a lot about the beauty of long hair and how much I enjoy having long hair myself. So I think it is about time to take a look on one of the disadvantages I am struggling with: swimming just isn’t that much fun anymore!

Before caring about my hair so much and before I let it grow I did not matter about getting it wet in chlorinated water at all. I just tucked it into a bun and went for a swim.

Now I don’t like my hair to get in touch with chlorine – because if it would, even when put up in a bun it would get all tangled up. Not to mention how long it would take it to get dry!

I tried using swimming caps numerous times but even the ones declared to cover up long hair are just way too small. I never got them to cover all of my hair and when taking them off again I always pulled out quite a few hairs.

So I’ll admit that I pretty much stopped going swimming, although that is something I really enjoy.

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