The challenge of reducing plastic

Utensils without plastic

I am really trying to avoid plastic wherever I can. At the beginning, this seemed to be quite easy. Changing from plastic bottles to glass bottles or using paper bags instead of the plastic ones is really not difficult to do. Whenever a plastic utensil I use at home needs to be replaced I try to replace it with wooden, metal or glass utensils. And that’s where it starts to get more difficult, because often there is at least one component that is made out of plastic.

Food products are the most difficult to switch, as almost everything is wrapped in plastic. A lot of times there is just no other option.

What I am quite happy about are my plastic free shampoo and soap bars. They come in a paper wrapping and even when ordering them online there is no plastic involved for the shipping process.

I am always looking for ways to improve, so in case you have some tips on how to reduce the amount of plastic in your daily life, please let me know!

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