„Things not to say to long-haired people“ #2

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There are a couple of things people tend to say to persons with longer hair, that they should not be saying 😉

In this series I will pick up on some of those phrases and questions – so you never have to say them yourself!

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Phrase #2:

“When you are on the toilet, doesn’t your hair hang into the bowl?”

It’s amazing how some people are not afraid to ask this question in all sorts of situations. Usually I like to ask back by saying “Do you let your arms hang into the bowl? They are about the same length.”

I think my answer makes it very clear how odd this famous toilet question sounds to us. No, no long haired person I ever heard of or met has ever let their hair hang into the toilet bowl! We simply take it to the side, in my case I usually let it rest on my lap. It is very simple and has become a natural movement. Just like you do with your arms… 😉

 Are there any phrases or questions about your hair that you get tired of hearing? Let me know and I will include them in this series!

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    George says

    You look amazing with bangs. SO becoming to you – frames your face so well. Pls. keep them 😉

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