“Things not to say to long haired people” #3

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There are a couple of things people tend to say to persons with longer hair, that they should not be saying 😉

In this series I will pick up on some of those phrases and questions – so you never have to say them yourself!

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Phrase #3:

“Why do you let your hair grow if you only wear it up in a bun?”

This may be the most popular question I get asked. People seem to think that having long hair should come along with wearing it down. But besides that being impractical wearing the hair down most of the time would feel boring for me! 🙂

Being able to do beautiful hairstyles is one of the reasons I let my hair grow. I admit that on working days I tend to wear the same bun most of the time. This is simply due to the fact that I don’t want to spend a lot of time on my hair in the morning and just do what works best for me.

But in my free time I like to braid my hair and make more elaborate hairstyles.

So wearing buns most of the time is not only practical, most long-haired people I know also like them and enjoy wearing them.

 Are there any phrases or questions about your hair that you get tired of hearing? Let me know and I will include them in this series!

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