“Things not to say to long-haired people” #4

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There are a couple of things people tend to say to persons with longer hair, that they should not be saying 😉

In this series I will pick up on some of those phrases and questions – so you never have to say them yourself!

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Phrase #4:

“I think your hair is too thin to let it grow that long!”

Luckily this is a phrase that I never got told so far, since I do have quite a lot of hair. But I know that many long-haired persons with thinner hair have to justify why they let their hair grow.

There is so much talking about body-shaming, and how it is not OK to disrespect other people because of their weight – may it be high or low. But somehow this does not seem to apply for hair. Either hair is too thin, or too grey (I have been told this before) or to frizzy, or whatever. People seem to always find reasons, why a particular person should not be growing their hair that long.

I find that very rude and since long hair does not hurt anyone, these people should concentrate on themselves rather than insult others 😉

 Are there any phrases or questions about your hair that you get tired of hearing? Let me know and I will include them in this series!

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