True or not: Long hair is a lot of work

Wearing my hair down

A lot of people tend to think that having long or very long hair is a lot of work. It seems as if washing it, getting it dry and simply the handling is a lot more time consuming than with shorter hair.

In fact, it is not as much work as it seems. Of course I cannot speak for every person out there, but here is my hair routine:

I wash my hair once a week. More precisely, I only wash my roots, which is called a scalp wash. Hair that is at my shoulder and below remains dry. But still, it takes quite a few hours to get dry, since I don’t use a hair dryer. That can be annoying at times.

I usually wear my hair up in a bun and I braid it at night. So detangling it is no problem at all. Whilst short hair often has to be washed and set in place in the morning, my long hair just gets packed in a bun or hangs loose if I decide to wear it down.

So is long hair a lot of work? Let’s say, it does not have to be that way. Besides, short hair needs to be taken care of as well.
So in case you are struggling with whether or not you should grow your hair: Don’t worry and give it a try! 🙂

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  1. REPLY

    Erwin van damme says

    Maybe its a lot of work , but having long healty hair is worth that
    Because its a womans most beautiful treassure

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    Zesty says

    I will say that long hair is as time-consuming and expensive as you make it. Someone looking at my routine and products might say that it’s high-maintenance, but it’s only because hair is my hobby and I love pampering it. It’s just as easy to maintain long hair by simple once-a-week washing and a bun every day. I can personally forego combing for days as well without too much trouble!

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