What I like about (long) hair

Girls with long hair

Why is your hair that long?

Doesn’t it get in your way?

How long does it take you to wash it?

Is it heavy?

These are only some questions I often get asked about when wearing my hair down. Usually I put it up in a bun, safely tucked away to protect it from mechanical friction (and yes, sometimes I simply like to hide it to protect myself from stares and questions like the ones above).

So why do I like long hair?
And not only on me, but on almost everyone, men and women.

First of all I would like to start by saying that I find beauty in every kind of hair. No matter if curly, straight or wavy, light or dark, thick or rather thin – hair is something so special and unique to every person.

I know that people often face a lot of hate, impoliteness or uncertainty caused by their social environment. And yes, I also get confronted with situations like these every now and then. In my case people often relate to my increasing numbers of gray strands of hair.

I think the main reason why someone would criticize others from nothing is their own uncertainty. They are most likely to bemoan themselves in one way or another, and seeing somebody else who is self-confident and true to oneself confuses them. They are struggling so hard with the beauty standards they submit to, that they simply just can’t imagine that other people might not put that much pressure on themselves.

I believe everyone’s hair is something very special and unique. In the vast majority of cases, the way it grows naturally fits best to each individual.
The diverse mixture of all kinds of hair types is what keeps it interesting! How boring it would be if we were all following a few standards.

Let us stay self-confident and stand by our natural hair!

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